Friday, February 27, 2009

VOIP Blocked in Pakistan Comments

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My two pennies:

This IP blocking is an extension of the same senseless thing that Etisalat does in the prison they call UAE. Once they bought PTCL they pressured the Pakistan government to stop issuing licences for anything and the government quite happily went and gave verbal order (since this was against the written policy!) to PTA to stop new licences. This was specifically meant to target Zong (China Mobile) from getting an LDI licence, when all the other cellular operators have this facility within their own group. This is causing a lot of diplomatic crisis between Pakistan and China and despite the PM signing a document asking PTA to issue this, a phone call still stalls this. You can see a part of the manifestation of this and many other slights we have been giving China by the way Zadari was treated this time in China.

These mysterious phone calls are also the cause of this promiscuous IP blocking, despite the deliberate windfall the grey market operators are getting from the increase in international termination rates. I am sure when one makes an analysis of the incoming traffic and compares this with the earlier volumes, then calculates the money to be coming in from APC for the USF, prepare to be surprised at the outright theft taking place. Also mysteriously, the vigilance of this illegal traffic is quietly gone to sleep as the people involved do not want to be caught by some poor underling who can then trace these back to their relatives.

This VoIP blocking is a part of the same crazy, senseless and silly exercise. I wish we would finally have someone in the government that was really interested to see the damage being done to the industry and growth of technology use by the common man by such actions: by default and by design (e.g. 31% tax on all phone calls, tax on cell phones making this no longer a common man’s tool)…


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Use Mobile to pay for your next Pepsi

Shiraz Shahid asked

> Welcome,,
> But still you have to wait, for the time when you To to market, and
> get a Pepsi from a GSM Dispenses against money in your mobile account.
> Shiraz Shahid

It can happen as of yesterday, only if the mobile companies get serious about doing this, it can be done .

Remember the normal user can not do it on its own, unless it becomes a norm, or is taught properly to the masses.

If any of the mobile companies run a campaign, showing that this can be done, THEN yes it will start happening.

IE: Make an ad showing that you can buy your next Pepsi, Chai, paratha, Roti, or anything with small amount, using your mobile phone, this will make the service really PICKUP.

Also they may want to make the merchant account pay the transaction fee instead of the sender, and in that case they should remove the limit of 30 days from the transferred amounts.

The merchant should be able to re emburse the money if over 2000 rs via cheque to there bank account or so

Again it is very very doable, the innitiative has to come from the Mobile company, to show that it can be done.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ads rates in display

Today there was a new law passed by EU for displaying flight ads including all the taxes and un avoidable charges.

IT means you can no longer see an add for London to Amsterdam for 1euro

They have to show the tax for all the fares.

I think we should have the same legislation for Telecom charges ads in Pakistan.

Something for PTA to think about.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

1 Cent a min Call to Pakistan

I found a nice link on how to terminate calls to Pakistan for Just 1 cent a min.

Check it out

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Termination on wateen network

  Date sent: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 03:25:03 -0700 (PDT)
  From: Robert Hill <>
  Subject: Terminate VOIP traffic on Wateen @ $0.02 Per Min

  Terminate VOIP traffic on Wateen @ $0.02 Per Min, We will help you generate revenue in
the growing VOIP market for Pakistan.

  You will just send it to our "HighlyIntelligent Routing Server" and it will be delivered to wateen.
  Our device is the only one in market which have the ability to terminate traffic on wateen.


  Robert Hill
  VOIP Wateen Expert!
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1 Cent a min Call to Pakistan

I found a nice link on how to terminate calls to Pakistan for Just 1 cent a min.

Check it out

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Pakistan to become the petri dish of mass Wimax deployment

I have always seen Telecom as one of the main liberalizer for our country, if we did not have
internet and cheap telecom, we would be even further more back in the last century.

That is why I was shouting so much about the raise in price on the APC price hike.

Telecom are the new freeway's of the world, and with petrol price going to 200$ a barrel, we
should use telecommuting as much as we can, as that will probabbly be the way for going to
work in the not very far future.

Let us all try to keep the prices as much down as we can, and keep the competetion alive
and healthy and strong, as that is what will drive the prices down and quality up.

Thank you to Orascom, Warid Group and Etisalat for investing in Pakistan and we welcome
others also to come to Pakistan, Make a LOT of money and in return give our country the
liberty that it diserved a long time a go.

> Pakistan will now truly become the petri dish of mass Wimax deployment
> said yesterday, the petri dish of international terrorism!).
> -Tariq Musafa

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Wateen's Proxy Information

username = 021800XXXX,
proxy =

You can get the wateen user name from and then use xlite from to call out and receive calls from your computer.

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1 Cent a min Call to Pakistan

I found a nice link on how to terminate calls to Pakistan for Just 1 cent a min.

Check it out

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Free Intercom by world call for Karachi

WorldCall has done it again by offering FREE Phone Line service to Karachites, I am not sure if it is there in other cities also.

They have now made the phone line FREE for people who can get the service.

There is
No Connection Fee
No monthly Line Rent
No charge to call any other world call phone
No charge to call a worldcall wireless user

Pay 500 Rupees as Pre Paid Talk Time and get connected.

Oh my god, I cant help but think of the implications this will make to the economy of this country, it will just CHANGE like anything.

People will finally call more there chai wala's, chowkidaar's, Doodh Wala's to order, as there is NO CHARGE to call.

Apartment complexes can have Intercom and Phone at the same time, at no monthly cost to them, no maintenance cost to them.

Business can have a direct FREE phone line on each desk, at no cost to them and use it as a pbx system.

Here are the rates on there official web site,

Call any PTCL number 60 Paisa a min.
Call USA / Canada 1.5 rupees a min ( 2 cents a min)

How do they make money ?

They and other LL Operators make money when you call them from another network, on the INCOMING call, that's what I have been preaching and teaching for many years now, and I am SO HAPPY to see this today finally making sense to them.

I hope our other great businesses in Pakistan and LL and WLL license owners will wake up to this and introduce this also in there own networks very very soon.

God bless us all.



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