Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Receiving Calls from Pakistan to Dubai CHEAPLY

Receiving Calls from Pakistan to Dubai CHEAPLY

Many ask me to sell them a Pakistan DID number so that they can use it in Dubai.

I ask them the first thing, why do u need it for, do u want to save money ?

If yes, then there is NO REASON to buy a Pakistani number to save money , but use a USA number.

WHY? Because now it is cheaper to call a USA Number from Pakistan then any other number inside Pakistan.

If you call from Pakistan to USA This is what you Pay.

World Call - 85 Paisa Per min, 24 hrs a day.
Mobilink - 2.20 Rupees
Ufone - 2rupees
PTCL - 1Rupees from midnight to Morning - 2 Rupees Other time.

If you call a Land line in Pakistan, This is what You pay

World Call - 75 Paisa Per HALF min, 24 hrs a day.
Mobilink - 3.50 Rupees Per Min
Ufone - 3.5 rupees Per Min
PTCL - 3 Rupees for 5 mins

PLUS you end up paying a high per month rental to own a Pakistani Number and the quality is not as good
as compared to your USA Number.

How to get a USA Number to work in Dubai ?

Well this is what you need.

1. Google Talk www.google.com/talk Download and install it

2. VirtualPhoneline.com - Signup for a FREE Trial Number

2a. Set your RING TO Address as your Google talk ID which is the same as your Google email ie yourname@gmail.com

If you like the service Get the USA number permanently for $15 a year , Enjoy !!!

Now when you call this USA number, it will ring on your Google talk, now this Google talk can be in Dubai.(UAE) or anywhere else in the world,
and you can enjoy LOW RATES to USA from anywhere in the world, and the call then comes back to you on your Google talk

If you want something that works without a computer, then you can check out www.super-phone.com

Enjoy !!

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