Sunday, March 23, 2008

Free Intercom by world call for Karachi

WorldCall has done it again by offering FREE Phone Line service to Karachites, I am not sure if it is there in other cities also.

They have now made the phone line FREE for people who can get the service.

There is
No Connection Fee
No monthly Line Rent
No charge to call any other world call phone
No charge to call a worldcall wireless user

Pay 500 Rupees as Pre Paid Talk Time and get connected.

Oh my god, I cant help but think of the implications this will make to the economy of this country, it will just CHANGE like anything.

People will finally call more there chai wala's, chowkidaar's, Doodh Wala's to order, as there is NO CHARGE to call.

Apartment complexes can have Intercom and Phone at the same time, at no monthly cost to them, no maintenance cost to them.

Business can have a direct FREE phone line on each desk, at no cost to them and use it as a pbx system.

Here are the rates on there official web site,

Call any PTCL number 60 Paisa a min.
Call USA / Canada 1.5 rupees a min ( 2 cents a min)

How do they make money ?

They and other LL Operators make money when you call them from another network, on the INCOMING call, that's what I have been preaching and teaching for many years now, and I am SO HAPPY to see this today finally making sense to them.

I hope our other great businesses in Pakistan and LL and WLL license owners will wake up to this and introduce this also in there own networks very very soon.

God bless us all.



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