Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Letter to Yousuf, MD Pseb

Dear Yousuf,

Here is a little feedback from my side.
BEfore any kind of training is provided, an aptitude test must be taken.
2. The best thing PSEB can do is not actually subsidize cost, but actually tell people what is needed in the market, by getting feedback by the industry.
3. IE on pseb web sites you should show, XX companies are seeking XX QTY employees knowing how to use PHP, or Ajax, or LInux or .net
This will show the industry TREND in Pakistan for the future programmers.
You can also show that X companies are seeking XX Qty of people wanting Y language or software, which can be very highly skilled, and in front of that, you can put, Click here to apply for this job, or click here if u want to have PSEB pay 10% of your fee.
4. The same figures should be published in JANG news paper so that the parents can be shown the direction.
5. PSEB Web site must become a portal that actually gives value to the member of pseb so that we can give you feedback and provide us tools, like the surveys you want us to do, put them online so you have
A. instant feedback.
B. Show the results to other members.
C. Give us compensiation points to give you feedbacks. Does not have to be monetory.

6. Till the above happens, I would like to to see some training programs in my related industry for and

These are open source softwares that are changing the world of telecom in the world, and Pakistan has great potential now for leading the way in it.
7. The lab must be created in all cities with 1 or 2 seniour qualified engineers, who can assist not just the students, small enterprenueur, but even to larger software houses, who get stuck some time in small routes and sub routines of software code, these programmers, can be used as proxy for guiding each other software houses to each others or help us when we get stuck in some small software problems.
my 2 cents.

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