Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pakistan to become the petri dish of mass Wimax deployment

I have always seen Telecom as one of the main liberalizer for our country, if we did not have
internet and cheap telecom, we would be even further more back in the last century.

That is why I was shouting so much about the raise in price on the APC price hike.

Telecom are the new freeway's of the world, and with petrol price going to 200$ a barrel, we
should use telecommuting as much as we can, as that will probabbly be the way for going to
work in the not very far future.

Let us all try to keep the prices as much down as we can, and keep the competetion alive
and healthy and strong, as that is what will drive the prices down and quality up.

Thank you to Orascom, Warid Group and Etisalat for investing in Pakistan and we welcome
others also to come to Pakistan, Make a LOT of money and in return give our country the
liberty that it diserved a long time a go.

> Pakistan will now truly become the petri dish of mass Wimax deployment
> said yesterday, the petri dish of international terrorism!).
> -Tariq Musafa

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Jibran said...

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