Sunday, December 21, 2008

Use Mobile to pay for your next Pepsi

Shiraz Shahid asked

> Welcome,,
> But still you have to wait, for the time when you To to market, and
> get a Pepsi from a GSM Dispenses against money in your mobile account.
> Shiraz Shahid

It can happen as of yesterday, only if the mobile companies get serious about doing this, it can be done .

Remember the normal user can not do it on its own, unless it becomes a norm, or is taught properly to the masses.

If any of the mobile companies run a campaign, showing that this can be done, THEN yes it will start happening.

IE: Make an ad showing that you can buy your next Pepsi, Chai, paratha, Roti, or anything with small amount, using your mobile phone, this will make the service really PICKUP.

Also they may want to make the merchant account pay the transaction fee instead of the sender, and in that case they should remove the limit of 30 days from the transferred amounts.

The merchant should be able to re emburse the money if over 2000 rs via cheque to there bank account or so

Again it is very very doable, the innitiative has to come from the Mobile company, to show that it can be done.

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