Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pakistan Telecom and ICT Facts

Population of the Country: 150+ Million People ( 9 times the size of Australia, 50 times larger then UAE, Singapore And Hong Kong)

Names of International Banks: Standard Chartered, HSBC, CITIBANK, over 24 more international banks.

Mobile Operators: GSM Operators 7 (Telenor, Orascom, Etisalat) CDMA 5 in service, 13 more coming.

Cost of a Call: Pay 2.5$us a month for unlimited calls from Mobile to Mobile
Cost of International Call: Same as calling a local number inside Pakistan 2-5 Cents a min.

Number of Telephones: 40 Million (Growing 24% a year)

Broadband Cost: 128k Connection 1000 rs a month (18$)

Number of Email Users: 15 Million +

Average IT Person Salary: 100$ to 1000$+ a month

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