Friday, October 20, 2006

Do you need more accountants or programmers?

In a traditional form of business, when the business increase, we tend to increase the number of accountants, and other staff.

What our companies need to think of is the next generation adaptation of computers.

What I mean by that is that most of the businesses are now using excel, and ms word to run there business.

Some others are using peach tree, quick books, act, and other soft wares like this, however only .10 % of the people use Programmers to customize there own needs as per there needs.

I firmly belive after my experience, that as businesses grow, they must start a software department, that does not maintain a network, but actually makes software that is carved around there own needs.

If you talk to any business, all they want is there accounts software made, they do not really care about anything else, and many I would say 20% actually buy software to manage accounts, but the accountants are still there to do the data entry.

Be it reconciliation of accounts, be it other needs like that, but what they do not do is get TAYLOR made software according to there needs.

I think for any business to grow they must hire a full time programmer and a web designer, who will maintain there online shop and make there running cost lower and lower.

AS time will pass, we will see banks offering secure feeds to integrate into our billing software, to manage the accounts system, we will see all the companies offering there data to others, so that the data can be matched, we will see the government offering web services to integrate the billing systems in to it.

Its only a matter of time, when all the world will be so deeply wired that we will not really need to do multiple data entry, and the seller and buyer’s systems will talk to each other seamlessly without the need of entry by multiple party.

As internet penetrates and web applications become more available, we will see the servers in our offices disappear, we will see local applications disappear, and web applications coming alive.

Imagine a world without hotmail and yahoomail , almost every single internet user in the world uses or has a web mail account.

This is how our accounting, billing and other software’s will be, u will not be able to imagine anything without an online software.

If your company does not have anything to do with internet today, have your programs made using the web applications locally, you can run them from ANY PC, without installing any software and a really low cost pii can be then used as a dumb terminal with a internet explorer or firefox installed , and your software will run at the same speed as a visual basic client software, but u wont have to install anything and u wont have to worry about viruses or anything on your pc.

Once your business expand, u can take the same software and move your server into a data center or connect it to the internet, and wala, your customers can now access there invoices via the web.

Then will come web services where your server and your client’s server will talk to each other and share the invoices, and data with each other to collaborate and u will not need to make entries.

And then we will see the Government offering web services to send all your tax returns and sales tax information online instantly, and ur tax will be paid on the spot.

All this is not a fiction, it is a reality, and many of the leading companies in the world are now going towards that.

If you think u can get away with it, that’s not true, sooner or later u have to do it, so why not start today ? invest a small money on hiring a programmer, who works closely with you accountant and with you and start developing your in house applications.

Start with free open source software’s like sugar CRM for ur sales management , trixbox for your pbx, tikiwiki for your inhouse filing, mambo for your web site, and other gazillion software out there which u can transform to be used for your own use.

Have an EDGE on your competition, reduce ur cost, be more efficient.

Remember Information is power.

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